Thursday, September 27, 2012

My New Fitness Blog is LIVE (Honey We're Healthy)

Hi guys!  I'm so happy to be launching my new health and fitness blog today!  I decided to call it . . .

as a "sister" blog to this one.

Right now there are 15 posts up, including "Making Time to Workout", which includes where I fit my workouts into my week, and "Getting Started Getting Fit", which I hope will help get you out the door and get moving!  If you're already working out and need a new workout routine, check out these "3 Weight Training Routines"

and I will continue to update the blog pretty frequently, as I have lots of ideas that I want to write about and more posts that I just need to add photos to.  

Under the Honey We're Healthy title, you can click on "About Me" "Food" "Fitness" and "Before & After" to read more about each category.  I'm really hoping to get reader submissions for the "Before & After" section- please send your story and a photo my way via (

I'm hopeful that through the comments we can encourage each other and help answer each other's questions.  You can just hit "Reply" under a comment if you have something to add to the conversation.  I will most likely be responding more in the comments on that blog, so feel free to check back if you haven't gotten a direct email from me after leaving a comment.  

If you are interested in following Honey We're Healthy, you can click HERE or subscribe HERE.

I'd be thrilled and beyond flattered to see my cute little button on your blog! 

Thank you again so much for your support on my new venture!

* * * * * 

I'm very thankful to Designer Blogs for designing the site for me and for doing it so quickly!  Lindsey was great to work with, responding promptly to my emails and fixing every last detail until I was completely satisfied.  Thank you!