Monday, November 7, 2011

Nutcracker Market & Christmas in Houston

In Houston, one of the kickoffs to the holiday season is the annual Nutcracker Market, a gathering of over 300 boutique owners selling their goods, which range from home d├ęcor, gourmet food, garden, clothing, sporting gifts, novelties, and accessories.  All proceeds from the Market benefit Houston Ballet Foundation, Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy and its scholarship funds.  

It's really fun to grab your girlfriends (I think men are allowed, however, I never seem to see any there:) and a Starbuck's and enjoy seeing all the shops and handmade Christmas goodies.  I read that no strollers are allowed (probably because it gets so congested) so I'll probably leave James home this year.  It's getting more difficult to shop with him anyway.

Another telltale sign that the holidays are upon us, is when the holiday decor goes up on Westheimer Avenue in Highland Village.

(p.s. the new Restoration Hardware opens next week.  They are going to have a Baby & Child section in the store too, previously, they were only online).

The street is actually really pretty at night when all the white Christmas lights on the palm trees are lit.  Also, that shopping area plays music outside, which is nice to hear while you are walking around.

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What signals the start of the holiday season to you?   :)