Monday, January 2, 2012

Organized TOYS

Hi all!  I'm am raring to go for the new year!  As much as I love the coziness and sentiment of the holidays, come January, I am ready for a fresh, clean start for the new year.  I spent Sunday and Monday getting all the Christmas decor packed up and put away and the house looks so simple and clean again:)

Although we only bought James a few gifts for Christmas, our family brought lots of presents and with all the toys he's accumulated since birth, I knew that now was a good time to start getting his toys organized.

I started by gathering up all of the toys from the living room and putting everything in his room so I could put like toys and small parts together.  His big race car, tricycle, dump truck and wagon went into the garage.

I kept some toys in the living room, but I am happy that it doesn't look like a toy box anymore (see below, the toy box version of the living room:)

Look at all those stuffed animals!  

I found a $50 organizing shelf with bins at Target along with a few big canvas bins and got to work organizing and throwing out the broken toys and books.  Are all kids this hard on books??

Little toys fit into these buckets and James has easy access to them.  

The bigger toys fit nicely in these colorful bins.

To my surprise, the stuffed animals fit into two bins.

Now here's to trying to keep everything organized and clean!  We are starting the "put your toys away" routine before bath and bedtime now:) 

You can look on my "Organization" tab for more helpful organizing tips for toys and more!