Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I recently decided to stop with the acrylic nails and have gone back to au natural.  Since I had James nearly two years ago, I've been wearing fake nails.  At first it was such a chore to try to fit in those bi-monthly sessions to the nail salon, but I got to where I looked forward to the hour of uninterrupted alone time.  My nail girl, Cindy, did a really good job and I always, always did a french manicure on my hands.

But then I started wanting a change, and went with shorter nails and (gasp!) color on my nails.

Now, without the nails, I need to let mine strengthen so that they can grow a little.  For the time being, I feel like I have boy hands that don't look that good.  I think I'll still visit Cindy for manicures and hopefully, in a few months they'll look more like this.

So tell me, are you into your nails?  Real, fake? It feels a lot better to me to type on the computer with my bare hands, but I also love the look of when I'd walk away from Cindy's chair with my freshly done nails.  Nail polish doesn't last nearly as long on real nails.  I've just been applying clear every few days.

For a secret santa gift last month, I got all these cute mini OPI nail colors that I'm so excited to try.

And I'm smitten with these barely pinky colors for my nails.

But I'm loving BLACK- Lincoln Park After Dark- for my toes lately.

Maybe this summer when I've got a bit of a tan, I'll go back to my trusty old french manicure.  What colors are you loving now?