Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Bloggers & Happy New Year!

When I started this blog, I didn't know a thing about a "niche" or even that my blog would someday fall into some type of category.  I started writing simply because I was going through lots of changes in my life like being newly married, pregnant, and building a home.  To top it off, I suddenly decided that I wanted to stay at home when my baby arrived and quite unexpectedly left my job.

I needed a place to connect with other women and was delighted to find this world of blogs and bloggers who were interested in the same kinds of things as me.  Welcome to the world of home bloggers.

It wasn't really until I went to Blissdom that I even realized how many different types of blogs there were.  Basically, if there's a hobby or business or sport, there are people who blog about it.  At Blissdom, the "home bloggers" were definitely in the minority.

I have come to have a special place in my heart for the "home blogger."  A home blogger graciously and courageously opens her home (which is synonymous with her heart) and shares it with the world.  We share our not only our decor failures, successes, and dilemmas, but also can't help but letting pieces of our relationships leak out into our blog too.

And we get to know each other.  

I feel like there is a special intimacy and closeness in the relationships we've formed with the home blogger through our readership and comments because of the intimacy of looking into each other's homes.  It's as if we are being invited in for a cup of coffee and a chat.  I know that when life gets busy and I haven't had a chance to "stop by" I miss it.  Like I miss seeing a friend in real life.

Our homes are decorated with love, and although we may not be trained interior designers, we rock some pretty great personal design.  We bounce ideas off of each other and take comments to heart.

To all you home bloggers and home creators and home lovers,