Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rifle Paper Magazine Holders

I'm forever rearranging the items in my home office bookshelf.  I have the large Ikea Expedit which is perfect for housing books, containers, photos, decorative objects, etc.  Each cube is 12x12 so there's lots of space to play with.

While the contents of the bookshelf were generally very colorful, it used to be dominated by aqua.  Now, I'm going for more pinks, blushes and golds in the bookshelf.  Not wanting to purchase more magazine files, I opted to cover my existing aqua ones in wrapping paper.  

I'm a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. designs and knew I would not quickly tire of looking at their latest floral patterns.

In order to save paper- each roll only comes with three sheets and I had six files to cover- I opted to take a short cut and only cover the back and part of the sides. Sneaky huh?

I'm thinking of adding bookplates to label them.  For now, I know there are 3 House Beautiful and 3 Martha Stewart Living. 

With the striped paper, I covered a hexagon cardboard box I found on Amazon.  They came in a set of 3 sizes and I was thinking of painting them a colorblock combo, but haven't done it yet on the two smaller boxes.  

I just wrapped, folded, kept cutting, and taped until it was all covered, trying carefully to keep the lines straight, which I somehow managed to do.  The top photo below is the lid and the bottom picture shows how it's all crazy underneath- but that's okay- it's the part never seen. 

My favorite addition to this bookshelf is my gold coral (an easy DIY update with a can of gold spray paint).

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