Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Painted Dark Grey Doors

Ever since painting the half-bath door glossy dark gray, I've been wanting to paint the doors in the upstairs hallway the same way.  Painting doors isn't as daunting as you might think, and the impact adds some nice drama to a space.  Here's how the doors looked originally:

And below is how they look after two coats of paint- Sherwin Williams Brown Fox in semi-gloss for extra shine.  

The paint color is a warm dark gray with a hint of brown in it.

I painted these doors off the hinges, but in retrospect, I don't think that's completely necessary as long as you keep the door propped open or tape and cover the moldings/wall above the door.  

I used a 1.5 inch angled brush for the door moldings and a large roller for the rest.  

The roller was something like this:

I also added about 8 oz. of Floetrol to the gallon of paint to help reduce roller and brush marks and I think it worked really well.  

I removed the hardware and taped off the hinges before getting started with the paintbrush. 

My little helper rolled some too.

This paint looks really muddy brown after the first coat, but after the second coat, it's a nice deep grey.

I only painted the front of the doors, but ended up going back and painting the inside edge of the media room doors because you could still see the white when the doors were shut.  The picture above shows the doors before I painted that inner edge.  

For comparison, here are some before and after shots:




I'm really liking the contrast, but now I need to do the hall linen closet double doors on the wall opposite that mirror! 

What do you think of the change?  Is this something you would do in your home?  If so, what color would you use?