Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updating Your Home Using What You've Got

Especially at the start of a new year, when one of my goals is to save money, I try to make updates in my home that don't cost much, if anything.  Are you doing the same thing at your place right now?  One way to change up a space is to "shop your house" and move things around.  Sometimes, once we put furniture, rugs, framed photos, etc. in a certain spot in our home, we think they have to live there forever.  Well, part of the fun is mixing things up and just seeing how they look in different places.  It might not work, but I like to try it just to see.  Also, I need to see things in place to really tell how I feel about it, as opposed to some people who can visualize more in their heads.

The evolution of our sitting room is a prime example of changing things up.  It's not my dream for the space, but I'm trying to work with what I have.  That big leather chair/ottoman and I go way back to my single days!

A while ago, I moved that chair/ottoman to the living room to provide more seating and to hide one of the toy boxes.  So, the sitting room sat rather empty for some time.

At Christmas, we put our tree in the curve of the staircase, so we had to move the Target settee somewhere, and it temporarily went to the sitting room.

The scale is off, but it was only temporary.  After the Christmas tree came down and I wanted to give my son more play room in the living room, the chair went back upstairs.

But this time, I also added our Beni Ourian rug from Pottery Barn that was previously in the entryway.

So now, the sitting room looks like this.  (The side table was moved upstairs from the living room too).

A woven basket adds another layer of texture and conveniently holds magazines or an extra blanket or pillow.  I still really like the mini wooden crate (on wheels) that I got at Joss & Main to hold James' books.  

And fresh flowers always help breathe new life into a room.  These are from Whole Foods. :)

So, what are you moving around in your house these days?

* * * * *