Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organizing the Little Things

At my house, it drives me crazy when one type of thing is scattered throughout the house.  I have to collect everything and have it in one place.  It's just a weird, annoying habit I have.  Zip lock bags (that come in all sizes) are great for corralling small things together.  But, I had a bunch of things in zip lock bags that I knew could be better organized.

Even though having things contained in bags is better than having things all over in different drawers or cabinets, it's not always the best practical solution.  Every time I needed to hang a picture or was looking for a hook or outlet cover, I had to dig through the bags and I couldn't easily tell what I had.  I found a pair of small acrylic storage boxes at The Container Store for $14.99 that would be perfect for these little items.  

Removing the packaging helped me fit everything into the little drawers.  

I like that the container is clear so you can see exactly what's inside, but that didn't stop me from making labels.  I printed labels in my labeler and affixed them to colorful Martha Stewart tags.  You can find those at Staples.  She has a beautiful collection of office accessories. 

Even though the drawers are clear, having the pretty labels makes me smile. 

The zip lock bags of stuff were previously in my pantry, but these boxes fit perfectly in the mudroom cabinet shelf. 

So much better!

How do you keep your little things organized? 

* * * * *