Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Media Cabinet Organization

Continuing with my January organizing theme, I've been digging deep into those pockets in my house that have been neglected and in dire need of some organizational attention.  We are fortunate to have a large built-in media cabinet in the living room with lots of storage.  It's got four deep drawers and four cabinets with double shelves.   It looks so nice from the outside . . .

But inside was a complete mess!  

I'm so glad that I finally got in there and cleaned it out!  I ended up with an empty drawer and cabinet when I was finished!

I have no idea about this video game business but at least it's organized now. 

We don't really watch DVD's either, but now I know what we have.  

Having a dedicated drawer for diapers, wipes, and diaper cream has been awesome- so handy!

I love having all the batteries and light bulbs in one place.  We could use more spare light bulbs, but at least we have room for them.  I also like to light candles in the evening, so the tea lights are ready to go.  

The batteries are stored by size in an extra silverware divider that I wasn't using.  It's a great solution for being able to see what batteries we have at a glance.  With kids' toys, we always need batteries.

I'm most excited about making room for James' crayons, coloring books, and play dough.  Then, we parked his "special" cars on the bottom shelf.  

I printed "James' Art Tray" from my computer and laminated it, then stuck it to the tray with double-sided tape.

The crayon and marker holder is just a plastic dollar-store type container.  I went through and got rid of all the dried out markers and markers missing their caps.  It's nice to be able to pull the whole thing out if he wants to color and then put it away behind closed doors. 

I used to keep James' medicine in one of the drawers for convenience, and I'm glad now to have moved it up to the medicine cabinet where there is no chance he can get into it.  

Are y'all still in the organizing/cleaning out spirit?  

* * * * * 

Also, on my fitness blog, Honey We're Healthy, I'm proud to be featuring my friend Jenna of Small Fry Blog and her amazing weight loss story.  I'd love for you to visit and read about how she adopted a healthy lifestyle and transformed to a size 4 after having two kids.  Very inspirational and motivating!  Thank you Jenna for letting me share your story!

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