Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Mantle Take 3!

It was just a couple weeks ago when I started fiddling with our Spring Mantle, and I've changed it yet again! I explained that I wasn't crazy about our big, wooden mirror because I thought it looked too heavy for the feel I was going for, especially because it's hanging over a wooden console.  Too much wood on wood.

Home Goods to the rescue! On Saturday, I popped in and found a large pewterish mirror for just $29.99!  It's an instantly lighter, brighter look.  The wooden mirror was larger overall, but the actual mirror was smaller.  I couldn't even really see my reflection in it.  The new mirror also reflects so much more light from the dining room.

For accessories, I kept the Target runner, and green jug vase with branches, and then added a couple metallic Williams Sonoma cookbooks, the Hobby Lobby bird I spray painted gold, and a vase we got as a wedding gift.  It's filled with wine corks.

I think this Spring mantle will be around awhile:)