Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Fun

As I alluded to on Friday and shared on Twitter, my hubby and I took a little road trip last weekend to Dallas and attended the Texas State Fair and Texas vs. OU college football game.  My hubby knows college football isn't my thing, but some time away with him is and getting to hook up with one of my blog besties made the trip wholly worthwhile!

The day was full of lots of food- the fair is known for all their fried concoctions so we indulged in a few.  My favorite is the funnel cake, but for kicks we tried the fried butter (which tasted like a buttery biscuit with a big warm pat of butter inside) and fried cookie dough.  Both were too rich for me, but lots of people go ga-ga for them.  The corn dogs are another favorite, but I passed those up.

The night before the big game, we got a chance to go to dinner with Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) and her husband, who is absolutely hilarious!  I was so relieved that our husbands got along so well and were able to hold their own conversation so Cass and I could chat uninterrupted for awhile:)

I've told y'all before, but Cassie is just like you would imagine she'd be from reading her blog.  She's sassy and sweet, witty and funny, and one of those girlfriends that every woman needs in her life.  She'll be honest with you and encouraging at the same time and she is completely genuine and "real".  I so appreciate her take on the big things, like parenthood, since her kiddos are older than mine so she's got more experience on her side.  And I loved that she wanted the chocolate cake too:)