Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alphabet Print for Baby/Kid Room

A few weeks ago on a visit to Z Gallerie, I spotted a really cute alphabet print that I thought would be perfect for my son's room.  It's a good size, but $99, so I refrained from purchasing it.  When I saw the framed print again last weekend, I loved it as much as the first time so I went ahead and brought it home.

I needed something for the wall above James' crib. I originally had my DIY book art up there, but it was hung with Command hooks and 2 of the prints ended up falling after nearly a year.  (They fell to the floor, not into the crib, which is about a foot from the wall, and no one was hurt).  I could've ruhung them, but I was ready for something new and will probably move the book art to James' bathroom.

James loves to sing the A-B-C's so I thought this art was particularly appropriate for his age.  Also, I love that it has animals depicting each letter.  So cute!!