Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Favorite Boutique and New Goodies

Shame on me for having this blog for nearly a year and a half and never sharing with you my favorite boutique!  I first found this woman's playground while in NYC with my best guy friend Joey over 15 years ago.  The store is filled with three glorious levels of makeup, skin care products, fragrances, unique accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, scarves, travel bags, and clothing.  They even carry pet accessories.  Ladies, I present you: Henri Bendel.

Every time I go to NY, I make it a point to stop in, even if it's just to look around.  The last time I was there with my hubby, he had to work, so I got to spend an obscene amount of time browsing around, getting a makeup application (they sell Mally cosmetics, which I love) and trying not to droll over everything in sight. 

Unfortunately, there is no Henri Bendel in Houston, however, they opened one in Dallas' Northpark Mall a couple years ago, so naturally we had to go there when we went to Dallas last weekend- I had never been. The Dallas store is much smaller than the flagship 5th Avenue store, but fun nonetheless.  

I came home with these goodies:

A clutch purse in the signature Henri Bendel brown and white stripe.  It's purple on the inside.

A giant coffee mug and two bracelets (the striped bangle bracelets were purchased at a previous trip to the NY store).  They have every color and lots of prints to choose from too.  I love my new white one and it's smaller than the striped bracelets so it fits my wrist better.

The black leather and gold studded bracelet is awesome too and comes with a HB gold and silver charm.

And I chose this classic round keychain, but they have lots of other styles too.

I have a few of their cosmetic bags too, so they deserve a mention:)

I loved this store and the memories of visiting NY so much (it's the first place Jimmy and I traveled to) that we even named our first babies "Henry" and "Bendel".  Okay, I named them and my husband went along with it.  (Sadly, our dogs are no longer with us in case you're wondering why I've never mentioned them before, but in their honor, I just couldn't leave them out of this post:) 

Do y'all have a special store you like to visit?  Please share!