Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer "To Do" List - FAIL??

I had to laugh when I just looked back at the post I wrote on June 20, 2011 proclaiming my summer to do list!  My husband just declared it an epic FAIL!

I have accomplished all of TWO of the NINE things on the list!  We managed to get to the beach for a little vacation and my hubby and I recently went on a date.

Planting the hydrangeas- um, no.  BBQ with friends- not so much.  Swimming lessons and bike rides- my bike has a flat tire!

But I can't really say it was a complete fail.  Because this summer we played like crazy with James and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and our new home.  Lots of time was spent in our backyard with a little inflatable swimming pool, a homemade sandbox, and sidewalk chalk.  Many a popsicle and ice cream cone were eaten.  Naps were taken and photos were snapped.

I'd say it's been a GREAT summer!

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