Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 Things That Make Me Feel Organized (Even When I'm Not)

I don't know if it's the laziness of these hot summer days, or the crazy combination of trying to work, work out, spend time with my husband and baby, attend parties and visit with friends, write my blog, read blogs, and take care of the house, but lately I've found myself really feeling like I need to get it together when it comes to keeping things tidy and organized around our home.

Trust me, I am okay with not having a perfectly clean house all the time, and realistically speaking, it's just not possible all the time.   But even in the midst of the bits of chaos happening around here right now, if I do the following 3 things, I feel more organized and keep my sanity!

Although I've gone to bed on many a night with a sink full of dirty dishes, but it's really not what I prefer to wake up to in the morning.  When I take the time to do the dishes and clean the kitchen sink before bed, the kitchen is a much nicer place to be in the morning and I don't wake up feeling already behind the 8-ball!

I get a little crazy when my purse becomes like a black hole that I can't find anything in.  My pet peeve is fishing for a ringing phone or keys that can't be found at the moment you need them.  It only takes about   10 minutes to dump everything out, throw away the trash, clean out all the receipts from my wallet and organize the cash.  Having a purse with a couple of compartments is nice for keeping things organized too.

Oh I love to get into a clean car!  I do keep mine pretty clean, generally speaking, but with me and my son occasionally snacking in the car, crumbs tend to accumulate, not to mention the dirt of everyday life.  There's a friend-owned carwash near our house that I pop into about twice a month to give my car a nice bath- inside and out!  Don't you just love to get into a clean car?!