Monday, August 1, 2011

My Favorite (Fast & Fake) Tan

Now that it's August, I know many of us see fall just around the corner and are getting prepared for school to start for the kiddos- but I, for one, am not ready for summer to end!  We are renting a beach house with my husband's sister and her family soon and I'm so looking forward to it!

Being outdoors more and running around with James in the backyard has helped me get a little tan, but when I really want to get nice color fast, I turn to my favorite spray tan from Victoria's Secret-  Instant Bronze Body Spray.  I couldn't find it on Victoria's Secret website anymore (where it sold for about $10) but found a link to it on Ebay (2 for $44).  If you find it somewhere else cheaper let me know:)

It's not a traditional self tanner, it's more of a body spray that gives you instant color, looks great and smells nice!  It dries right away and you see the results immediately.  I use it mainly on my legs since they seem to be less tan than the rest of me.

And speaking of Victoria's Secret, I think they have the cutest, inexpensive bikinis!  I don't think anyone particularly relishes shopping for swimsuits, but I've ordered from them online and been happy with my selections.  

I'd love to hear where you find your bikinis, what brands you like, etc.  Seems like now is a good time to buy them because they're all on SALE! :)