Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minted Giveaway // 100 Holiday Cards

My word for this holiday season is COZY.  I'm feeling like hibernating inside my house with a warm blanket, cuddled up on the couch with a hot cocoa and just relaxing and enjoying this time of year.  My son is at that glorious age where he likes to get close and snuggle up and will actually sit still for the better part of an entire movie. Good times to cherish. I'm looking forward to pulling out the holiday decor too (ok, I admit, the bins have already been brought down from the attic, but I promise nothing has been opened or put on display- just getting ideas!).   

But before I get to decorating, I need to get our holiday cards on order- I'm way behind this year!  Receiving holiday cards in the mail is such a treat.  I love that so many people do photo cards so you can display them in your home and see the faces of your friends and family daily for awhile.  It's nice especially when people live out of town or you don't see them regularly.  And with so many email messages and texts and bills!, it's great to get a paper card in the mailbox.  

Are y'all familiar with Minted?  They have some of the best-designed paper items I've seen and a big selection of holiday photo cards, foil stamped cards, card ornaments, postcards, and even little petite cards. They offered to send our family some cards for the holiday and I wanted to give you that opportunity too.  

Minted is giving away 100 holiday cards to one lucky reader, ($163 value) which will be announced next Tuesday.  I didn't know that minted offers FREE recipient addressing- so cool.  AND, now through November 11, minted is offering $25 off plus free shipping.

Anyone recognize this gorgeous family?!

Good luck!

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