Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cork + Washi Bookshelf

My goal of keeping things neat and organized in my home isn't only for the adult spaces, but also for my toddler's things too.  In his room, we've got a great Pottery Barn Kids bookshelf that is very well built and the perfect size for his room.  (I just checked and it's on sale right now too).  We use it to store books and toys, and some decorative frames and photos on top.

To protect the shelves from getting scratched and dirty, I lined them with cork contact paper. Then I added red and blue decorative trim in the form of washi tape. 

The contact paper is really easy to use because it's lined on the back so you can cut it to fit your space perfectly.  It's got an adhesive backing that you can peel off so the paper sticks to the shelf, but it's not so sticky that I couldn't pull it up when I needed to readjust it. You can find cork contact paper at Amazon. I've got it on my pantry shelves too. 

I have a big collection of washi tape and used the red and blue patterns that coordinated with the colors in my son's room.  

Washi tape pulls up very easily without damaging the surface.

I think it adds a nice personal touch to the bookshelf, perfect for a child. 

The Dalmatian bookend is also from Pottery Barn Kids.

I could easily go crazy with this tape, so I restrained myself with just a couple of strips.

I also dressed up a plain, white frame with the tape. 


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