Monday, July 1, 2013

Under Sink Organization with Washi Tape

Under my bathroom sink might look very similar to what you've got going on with yours- a few bins filled with extra bath items and an albeit necessary, but in-the-way and not-so-pretty big, white pipe.  And those two other smaller, but equally unsightly, pipes too.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that is bothered by this.  Not bothered like I think about it all day, but bothered enough to try to make it prettier.

So, I busted out the paint and washi tape . . . 

Call me crazy, but with all this fun washi tape laying around, I thought, why not??  Some people have asked, and I've gotten mine mostly online from and  I'm currently displaying mine on a cupcake stand in my office. 

How cute is this little wooden tape dispenser?! It's from Target and came with a few rolls of washi tape too. 

But back to the sink.  First, I painted the back wall and the two smaller pipes a glossy pale pink since that's the paint color I had left over from painting my closet island.  I painted those two pipes to make them "disappear."  

And then I just started wrapping that white pipe with the tape, trying to make sure the colors looked good together.  It didn't take very long, maybe 15 to 20 minutes.  

As for the organization, the clear bins (I think from The Container Store) are great for letting you see what you have and keeping things together.  I also lined the bottom with cork paper.  

I'm not a huge product junkie, but I like to make sure I stock up on the necessities, like my face cleanser, shaving cream/razors, and toothpaste. 

And also body wash.  Taller things like hairspray and lotions are also kept on this side. 

I decanted the Q-tips and cotton balls into decorative glass urns just because it's pretty.  For everyday use, I have some on the bathroom counter

It may seem silly, but now when I open my bathroom sink doors, I'm happy to be greeted by a cheerful, nicely organized space.  I'll take all the cheerfulness I can get. :)

This little washi tape project got me curious how YOU use your washi tape.   Send me a picture on Instagram (@honeywerehome) with hashtag #honeywerehomewashi and I'll feature my favorite picks next week. You don't need a blog to shoot me a pic, but I'll link to your blog if I feature your photo. Or you can post a picture on my Facebook page.  Thanks for sharing! 

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