Monday, July 22, 2013

Dining Room Pillows (Yellow or Brown?)

Hi friends! It's good to be back from a little time off last week.  We are taking things one day at a time, and have had a lot of family togetherness, which feels really good.  I did some things around the house that I haven't shown here yet, so I plan to put together more posts this week.  It will be good to clear my head and distract from the heavy-hearted things that I cannot control.  Thank you again so much for the prayers for my Dad- they really mean so much.

We've been eating more meals in the dining room lately and especially after finding these gorgeous, vibrant lamps from HomeGoods, I wanted to start layering and styling the space more.  The "buffet" which I think is meant to be a media stand, is just a stand-in until I find something better and much longer.  It was purchased years ago at Crate & Barrel.  I'd love to put sconces on either side of the mirror too.

As you can see, there's not much going on and the room needs some fabric and pattern to tie into the drapes and bring the room together.  I had our drapes made from Dwell Studio Vintage Plumes Peacock fabric and then "no-sewed" the curtain liners using a flat sheet.  After a couple of years, I still adore the colors and pattern in the fabric.  I must like aqua and yellow together- it's the same as my blog design!

Shopping Etsy, I found Festive Home Decor, who makes pillow covers in lots of different styles and shapes for reasonable prices.  Torn between a yellow and brown pattern, I bought both because I knew I could easily change them out and move them around the house.  

The yellow pair are smaller, but look punchy and cheerful with the aqua lamps. 

I was cleaning out the media room, aka playroom, so James could have more space to play, and needed to move the large woven urns out- so into the dining room they went.  I'm liking the effect- another layer of texture and height.

The brown are nice too.  I really like the groovy geometric pattern and the 20x20 is a good size.

Which pillows do you prefer in this room?  I shared another online source for pillow covers last week in case you missed it. 

Have a great week!