Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kid Gallery Wall

I've wanted to add a gallery wall to our home for a long time, but have gotten totally intimidated and overwhelmed because they seem like a lot of work and I don't feel like I really know how to put them together.  When we changed up my son's nursery and put the bed where the changing table used to be, I had a huge blank wall that I knew would be perfect for a gallery wall.  And something about it being in a kid's room seemed to take the pressure off.  It's not perfect, and it's not necessarily supposed to be, but since taking these pictures, I can already tell I'll be messing with it and changing it up.  

Here's how the wall looked with four symmetrical frames in the nursery.

And here's the new gallery wall.  I started with frames I already had around the house, then searched my computer for photos we'd like to have on the walls (no small task narrowing photos down when you have a million cute ones to choose from), then ran to Target to buy about 8 more frames in the sizes and colors (silver, black, and white) they had at my store.  Sort of random, I know.  

I've read many wise words about laying your frames out on your floor and arranging them how you like BEFORE you start nailing into the wall, and I do sorta wish I did that now, but at the time, I just wanted to get it up (twss Cass) and there wasn't that much room on my son's floor with all the toys everywhere.   So we did end up with a little bit of a funky gallery wall.  I wanted it asymetrical and loose, but the left side is kinda driving me crazy so I'm sure you'll see it revised soon. 

But I love the pictures we I chose!  After the wall was complete I lay in bed with my son and we talked about all the photos and what was happening in each one.  We've got almost all of our close family represented and his best friend from school too.  Every single day when I pick up James from school, his little girlfriend comes up to me and says, "James is my friend." His teachers tell me they are inseparable. 

I asked James which picture was his favorite and he said, "The white one with Mickey Mouse."  Glad I tore that page from the book! 

He asked me which one was my favorite and I said, "The one of you and me with the words, 'I love you so much.'" 

On his dresser are a few more photos and pops of red.  

He's really into the old-time Donald Duck and Chip-n-Dale cartoons so I found these pictures in an old book at Half Priced Books and framed them.  I love watching these with him- they're the ones where Donald is all grouchy, so fun. 

And the little birdie my friend gave me has moved into James' room for now. 

The glossy red tray is from West Elm

Do you have a gallery wall in your house?  Did you carefully plan out the positioning of every frame and object or just kind of eyeball it (like me)?

* * * * *