Friday, November 16, 2012

Necklace & Jewelry Organization

As the closet clean-out continued, next on the hit list was an array of jewelry I never wear.  Truthfully, I'm terrible at accessorizing, opting most days for diamond stud earrings or simple hoops, and James' birthstone necklace or my favorite "j" necklace.  But, I'm hoping weeding through and giving away what I haven't worn in forever and keeping everything else out in the open will encourage me to wear it more.  I think it's working because I've worn three different necklaces this week.

I've got my necklaces hanging on a piece of foam board that I covered with decorative paper.  I used thumbtacks to hold the necklaces.  

Thumbtacks also hold some of my earrings. 

Little trays are perfect for keeping bracelets and watches. 

I've had the first jewelry board for awhile, but I just made this one, since I now have extra room with lots of clothes donated. 

Bowls from Anthropologie and West Elm hold bangles.  

I really like having everything were I can see it.  The decorative paper is from Paper Source.  The silver thumbtacks are from WalMart. 

* * * * *