Friday, October 12, 2012

Office Changes are Coming

Now that I'm working from home more, I'm spending a ton of time in my home office.  I feel blessed to have a whole room in our house to myself, especially one that has a big window that overlooks some gorgeous, lush green trees.

I've been working a lot at that desk (from Z Gallerie) in the afternoons, and the glare on the computer was getting to me.  

So I turned the desk around to face the window.  

I like it so much better!  I can't believe I didn't turn the desk around earlier.  I think it's because I don't really like having my back to the door, but I'll trade that for the view.  It's still very bright in the room, I just couldn't get a bright shot out the window without blowing out the trees.  

I'm also planning to paint the walls.  I liked the pale yellow initially, but I'm leaning towards a deeper grey now.  Have you seen her office?  It's one of my favorites!