Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY (Paint Swirl Vases)

Today I have a super cool and simple DIY project to share with you.  I saw some gorgeous blue paint swirled vases on Centsational Girl and I wanted to try to replicate the look with pink and gold.  I'm giddy over the final result!

You only need craft paint and a clear vessel.  I used two shades of pink and a gold. 

Since my vases were small, I dropped a quarter-sized dollop of each color of paint into the bottom and started swirling the vase until the paint covered the entire inner surface. 

The large pink swirl was created when I added more pink paint because I didn't think I had poured enough inside.  You need patience to swirl the paint slowly.  

I turned them over to dry, at first on a paper towel, but then I switched to wax paper so I wouldn't end up with any fuzz from the paper towel.  

When I turned the vase upside down, some of the paint started running down, changing the shape of the swirls I previously had. 

I put a few stems inside before they were completely dry, so there isn't any water in them yet. 

I also tried a solid gold vase, which I really like.  

You could make these vases with any combination of paint colors and any size vase.  I think I must be paint happy lately because I have another paint project up for you tomorrow!

And it's O M B R E :)