Friday, August 10, 2012


What is the message I want to convey in my home?  Love.  Lucky for me, I have a prime spot to display a little whimsical LOVE art.

I'm a big fan of typography, letters, words, and think they make great decoration in the home.  You've probably seen these 12-inch letters at Hobby Lobby.  They sell for $10, but are always on sale for 50% off.  They come in a rustic gold and bronze, but I wanted them in a glitzy gold and black.  You can also get them online here for $6.99.

These are my two favorite Gold and Black spray paints.  The gold is a true gold (I have another that is more rose gold) and the black is super shiny.  I didn't prime these letters- just sprayed the paint right on.

I arranged the letters in a box shape to balance the wall.  And I thought this arrangement looked more modern. 

I really like it, but is it me or is the "E" bigger than the "V"??  I'm terrible at hanging things on the wall, so I might have to try again.

P.S.  A couple people asked about the rug in our entryway, it's from Home Decorators, here's the link.  Sorta wishing I got the darker brown now . . . 

* * * * *