Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchen Drawer Reorganization

Spring, the warmer temperatures, a desire to live a less cluttered and more centered, simple life always gets me in the mood to deep clean and organize!

One quick place to start with is the kitchen "junk" drawer.  Sometimes tackling an entire room can seem daunting, so if you just pick one small portion of a room, it makes the task more bearable.  I don't claim to have a junk drawer, but the far right drawer in my kitchen begs to differ.  The drawer is actually for things we reach for regularly, like pens, hand lotion, mailing supplies, tape and tape measure, and my beloved post-it notes.

The kitchen drawer is just dying to be a Junk Drawer.   

A year ago, the drawer was squeaky clean and organized, just like I like it.  I even had all of my favorite Papermate ball point pens in one spot.

But lately, the drawer has been winning.

Big time.

Before this weekend, it was looking like this:

But after taking everything out, sorting, throwing out, and reorganizing, look who's winning now!

Take that!  I need more of my favorite pens but I can't always find them!  

I also organized the drawer next door.  That drawer is for my larger notepads and my go-to electronics (camera charger and external camera card reader).  I use these all the time, so I like to keep them in the kitchen drawers. 

I used a simple clothespin to hold our earbuds.

Seems like the kitchen drawer needs a thorough cleaning about every 6 months to keep the "junk" at bay.