Monday, April 23, 2012

Bringing in Freshness with House Plants

Hello!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Since I spent the better part of Sunday morning in our yard pulling weeds (and ruining my fingernails) and trimming bushes, I thought a post about the new greenery in our house was rather appropriate:)

I've been loving the fresh impact that our Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has given the living room, and wanted to bring that same lively energy into another room in our home.  One day after work last week, I detoured into Lowe's and picked up two bright green houseplants.  They've since made their home in our master sitting room.  I'm digging the way they freshen up the space.

Since there's a lot of brown happening in this area, the bright green is a refreshing addition.  The plants are called Dieffenbachia, although they must be different varieties because they have different care guides- or they may just be from different sellers.  According to my instructions, the plant on the left is supposed to get high light, specifically, 3-4 hours of indirect light per day, while the plant on the right requires indirect medium light, but it didn't say how many hours per day.  

This particular spot in our home gets quite a bit of afternoon light, and I can easily adjust the blinds to allow more or less light into the room.  Hopefully, I don't kill them!  So far so good, but it's only been a week.  Do any of you have tips you'd like to share? 

Aren't these big leaves gorgeous?  I like the difference between the two.  

I was pleasantly surprised by look of the Allen & Roth line of accessories sold at Lowes.  Both white vases are from that brand.  It's a crisp, clean look that I like for now, even though the shelves are also white (Sherwin Williams Divine White).  

Here's an older wide shot of the room so you can see the difference.  (You may also notice that I changed out the black framed photo of James for a softer canvas print.  You can see the picture better in the first shot in this post.  I still die over all that black hair.  He was 2 weeks old in that photo:)  That $35 starburst mirror is from Home Depot!

I'd really like to get a nice, big houseplant for our entryway, but that area is poorly lit naturally.  I've had my eye out for something that may work in size and maintenance, but haven't found it yet.  Any suggestions? 

Hope you have a great Monday!