Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

It's true, I like Pinterest.  A lot.  I wrote and published a post about it, but Blogger ate it and now I can't find it.  But, back to how much I like Pinterest.  I'm on the website several times a day (if only for a few minutes, I swear, if my boss is reading this!)   I just looked at my page on Pinterest and realized I have 55 boards and have pinned 1756 items!  Is that a lot?  If you are on Pinterest, how many boards and pins do you have?  Just curious.  

I use Pinterest mainly to catalog design ideas, food inspiration and things I'd like to cook or bake (I've been on a cooking binge lately so I pinned about 20 new things yesterday), things I'd like to buy, and crafty things I want to make.  

Like these:

But I often find myself doing more pinning than making.  

That's what's great about the "Pinterest Challenge" - we're all encouraged to C R E A T E instead of just sitting on our couches, eating ice cream, and pinning away!  Oops, is that only me??  Well, at least it's Abby (A Delightful Design) too!

And that just prompted me to look at Abby's boards, she's pinned over 2800 items!  I'm in good company:)

I'm super excited that my friend Cassie (Hi Sugarplum!) is also hosting this season's (yes, apparently it's still winter) Pinterest Challenge along with Erin (The Great Indoors), Sherry (Young House Love), and Katie (Bower Power).

If you don't know Cassie, you may have seen some of her craftiness floating around blogland recently:

Here's what Cassie says we do to participate in the Winter Pinterest Challenge:

1. Simply find something you've pinned on Pinterest....if you can narrow it down! It can be anything, big or small.

2. Create your version from the Pinsperation and blog about it (be sure to include the pin and original link so the creator gets credit, too).

3. Then come back next Wednesday, March 14, and share it at Hi Sugarplum. That way we can all marvel in what you've done, and probably pin it! And thus the evil cycle continues.

I'm in!  See ya next Wednesday!