Monday, March 12, 2012

Organizing the BLOG

How are y'all doing with the time change?  I already love that it's staying light out later, but losing that hour of sleep is tough!

I spent all weekend (or a good part of it) cleaning up and organizing my blog.  Phew- what a job!  Not that it's hard to do, just time consuming when you have written over 500 posts (holy Cow, really?!) and you're going through them in an effort to organize.

Now, when you click on one of the buttons underneath my header, you'll see nice and tidy rows of 150x150 thumbnail pictures that you can click on to read that particular post.  Yay!  Below is an example, but you have to click the button under my header to activate the links.  (The way I configured it, you won't be able to read these pages in your reader, you have to read them directly from my blog.  I did it that way because then I can automate updating the pages, as opposed to having to copy and paste the HTML code in each time I made a change.)


I used the inlinkz tool, The Link Manager, to organize my posts after seeing how Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) used it to organize her blog posts. Thank you Cassie for explaining it to me!!

You can watch a 9 minute video about how to use the tool here.

I'm planning to add another button called "Mama" that will house all my posts about fitness, fashion, beauty, and cooking.  Hope to have that up soon!

Enjoy the light!