Sunday, September 11, 2011

My "Eat Clean" Meals

My weight loss journey has hit many plateaus, but not surprisingly, I've always seen the biggest improvements when I've eaten a really "clean" diet.  For me, that means finding something high protein that I can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about 5 days straight, then switch to something else.  And when I'm eating really healthy, I'm also more likely to workout.  Conversely, if I'm in a "bad" eating rut, I'm not likely to be hitting the gym.

I'm no dietician or nutritionist and only know what has worked for me.  Some of you read my story about losing the baby-weight and asked for more info on my diet, so here goes.  AND, I love this Eat-Clean Cookbook.

Picture 1: James 2 weeks old

Picture 2:  James 17 months old (photo shot at bootcamp!)

First, I'll let you know that my goal was to build muscle and get lean, with Jamie Eason as one of my inspirational goals.  I like her shape, although she is a fitness model who is way leaner and more muscular than I'd like to be.  She is about my height though, 5'2 (I'm a shorty at 5'1).

To obtain the kind of shape she is in, you have to eat a super-strict diet, and I've never been that disciplined.  I still eat Mexican food, ice cream, iced mochas from Starbucks, and drink wine, (but all in moderation).

Although I don't really count calories, Jamie provides a formula for you to use if you are trying to lose weight.


Here's what I typically do.  I try to eat approximately 100 grams of protein per day, broken into about 5 small meals. I love my Starbuck's iced mochas in the afternoon, but will get an iced tea instead if I'm trying to watch my calories.

I usually work out in the evening, so when I get home and am hungry, I'll have bacon and eggs.  Sometimes, for breakfast, I'll eat oatmeal with skim milk, raisins, cinnamon, and sliced almonds, then drink the protein shake later in the day.

For me, the easiest thing to do is find a few healthy meals I know I like and eat them over and over.  Boring for sure, but since getting high-protein meals in is key, it works best for me.  I might eat one of the meals for a week, then switch to something else.  Of course, I "splurge" on cheeseburgers or nachos or something every so often too.

My three "go-to" meals are:



  • Extra lean ground turkey (1 package)

  • Low sodium black beans (1 can)

  • Brown rice (1 cup)

  • Taco Bell low sodium seasoning

I make the rice in a saucepan while I brown the turkey meat.  Then I add the seasoning and black beans to the meat.  Combine the cooked rice into the meat and top with low fat sour cream, low fat cheese, salsa, and sometimes I crunch up a couple of tortilla chips on top.  (James actually loves this too).



  • Chicken tenders (or chicken breast)

  • Salad mix (I buy prewashed in a bag)

  • Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce (found in the regular grocery store in the Asian aisle)

  • Lime juice

  • Sliced almonds

I cook a package of chicken tenders and portion them out for 2 tenders per salad.  I usually mix a couple tablespoons of the peanut sauce with a tiny bit of lowfat peanut butter because the sauce is kinda spicy and I want to mellow it out.  I add a squeeze of lime and toss in the salad and chicken, topping with some sliced almonds for crunch.




* 2 lbs ground turkey (or chicken)

* 3 egg whites

* 1 cup quick cooking oats

* 1/2 tsp ground cumin

* 1/2 tsp dried thyme

* 2 tsp dry yellow mustard

* 2 tsp black pepper

* 2 tsp chipotle pepper spice

* 1 tsp salt

* 2 tbsp garlic powder (2 cloves minced)

* 1 small onion (finely chopped)

* 2 celery stalks (finely chopped)

(I make several batches of the seasoning mix at once since I have all the ingredients out).  I also usually eat them with a side of frozen steamed veggies.  


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Spray muffin pan with canola or olive oil.

3. Mix all your ingredients together in one large bowl.

4. Roll the mixture into balls and place in muffin pan. Muffins should be about the size of a racquetball.

5. Bake for 40 minutes.

Makes 12 muffins.

Here's a video showing Jamie Eason cooking these- she calls them turkey meatloaf muffins.

I hope this helps!  I'm always curious how long it took other women to lose their "baby" weight too, I think it helps knowing that for many of us, it takes a loooong time!

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Also, my ULTIMATE WORKOUT PLAYLIST (60 songs) is on my healthy lifestyle blog, Honey We're Healthy

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