Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Popular Pins

Even though I've started to get the hang of Twitter, and I'm all about Instagram, Pinterest is my first love. Last night I got a notification that my favorite store is following me, and they repinned some of my pins! How cool?!

You might not be on Pinterest near as much as I am (popping in periodically everyday-or are you??) so I'm sharing some of the most popular pins from my boards. I think you'll really like!

Chicken Yakisoba via Joysama- 233 repins

(This looks so good and easy- I can't wait to make it.)

Push Pin Art via Metal & Art- 124 repins

(Create words with brass push pins in a foam board and frame.  Quick, original, affordable art.  Think of all the words or colors you could use.) 

Perfect Fall Outfit via Twitter How to Dress Cute- 184 repins

(I see this outfit in my future!)

How to Hide those Pesky Lamp Cords via Hi Sugarplum- 112 repins

(What a genius idea!)

Painted Pumpkins via Urbanic Paper - 118 repins

(I think we've got pumpkins on our minds.  I love the idea of painting them instead of just carving since I've never been a very good carver.)

Command Central- each person in the house has their own divider, keeps paper off the counters via BH&G! - 148 repins

(I'm all for whatever will keep the counters clear!)

30 School Lunches via Very Culinary- 131 repins

(Now that school's back in session, moms everywhere are looking for lunch/snack ideas when their kids aren't eating the school lunch.)

No Matter How You Feel via Bits of Truth- 70 repins

(A good reminder for all of us.)

Ultimate Workout Playlist- 60 songs via Honey We're Healthy- 625 repins

This is bananas- I actually made my own Popular Pins list!  I have never seen anything I've pinned get this many repins- so thank you very much.  I hope you like it! 

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P.S. Is this new bigger font on my blog better to you?  I've tried to change the code to make it bigger before, but can't, so I manually changed it in the post.  There are not many options, this is the next size up. 

This is how the font read BEFORE.

This is how the font reads NOW.

Please let me know what you think.

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