Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink Lamps

I admit to having a "thing" for lamps.  Am I alone?  I know lots of women who love shoes and bags (me too!), but I also get excited over pretty lamps (and mirrors).  You can find inexpensive lamps at places like Home Goods, so they're easy to switch out when you crave a quick change to a room.

I'd been coveting a girlie, bright pink lamp for some time, but didn't want to spend a fortune.  Lamps Plus has a cool line of lamps from every color of the rainbow (with cute coordinating shades) for around $100 and up, but then you also have to pay shipping.  And if you want more than one, it's obviously double the cost.

 I pinned a beautiful coral lamp, but it's $442! Um, no. 

And finally, when I wasn't even looking, I found a PAIR! of bright pink ceramic lamps at Home Goods! And they were less than $50!  I haven't taken the tag off yet, but wanted to show you how they look in my super slowly evolving guest room.

This is a room-in-progress with a lot of bright colors going on . . . still not sure about how it will end up.

What's your "thing"?

* * * * *