Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Shopping- Mossimo at Target

Shorts.  I thought I was over them, wouldn't wear them again.  Especially jean shorts.  But surprisingly, I'm liking them again!  I found a couple of great short jean shorts at Target over the weekend- for $18!  The brand is Mossimo, and the style is "6".  They bag a little in the back, but I bet they'll shrink some in the wash.

I also love the Mossimo tank tops from Target.  They have just a slight amount of stretch to them, but the fabric is nice, kinda thick.  I buy them in every color and always double up on the white ones for layering under other tops.

And I'm obsessed with these link necklaces!  The aqua and coral ones are from the JCrew outlet and the white and gold is from Bebe.

I love the casualness of summer dressing!  Are you in your flip flops as often as me these days?!


Thank you to everyone who entered the La Posh Style Giveaway!  

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